“Make sure your worst enemy isn’t living between your two ears”

The power of our mind is unfathomable, what we do know however is that if we allow the negative experiences we have faced in life, govern our futures, it is a life unlived, unfulfilled.

Hypnosis and the state of being in trance truly is a wonderful therapy. It can make the frightened brave, the weak made strong, the addict,free from his torture.

Hypnosis is not mind bending, it is not as it appears on an entertaining show on TV, it is a simple yet relaxing way to quiet the mind and help it to see more clearly. It can give you the tools you need to overcome almost anything.

Hypnosis has and is being used successfully for weight loss, smoking cessation, drug and alcohol cessation, fear and phobias, confidence building and even to enhance the sex life.

The state of being in trance or hypnotised, is simply a state of deep relaxation. You know when you are driving your car and a child runs out in front of the car, before you have even thought about it, your foot has hit the brake. That is your subconscious mind springing into action and taking over because it remembers what to do.

Our subconscious mind holds the key to so many things, painful memories are stored there, remembered fears,so many things lurk within our subconscious and with hypnosis we can access these areas and help you to overcome your problems.