“Dear Human,
You have got it all wrong. You didn’t come here to find unconditional love, that is where you came from and where you will return. You came here to learn personal love, Universal love, Messy love, Sweaty love, Crazy love, Broken love, Whole love infused with divinity. Lived through the grace of stumbling, demonstrated through the beauty of messing up. You didn’t come here to be perfect you already are! You came here to be gorgeously human, flawed and fabulous and then to rise again like a glorious phoenix”


All of us have the ability to change, to become the person we know we can be, to achieve anything. Truly, nothing is impossible, you just have to want it badly enough and never give up on a dream or ambition.

You are here but once, so take every opportunity that is placed before you and if none are, go out there and find that opportunity, seek help wherever you can, work on yourself, you are your biggest asset and really knowing who YOU are, what YOU need and what YOU can achieve is the most precious gift you can give yourself.

You may well be someone’s wife, husband, mother, father, but ultimately, you are YOU and you need to find out who that is.