Sexual Dysfunction and the role of Hypnosis & Erotic Hypnosis

If you are unable to achieve an erection which is strong enough, or for long enough to allow for sexual intimacy to take place then that is what is known as impotence. It happens to all males at some point during their lives regardless of whether they ever admit it or not.
The male is not designed to be constantly erect, indeed, for much of the time, all men are in fact impotent, if they weren’t, they would be walking around with obvious erections which would make for some pretty awkward moments in their daily lives.
It is a myth that all men are always ready and able to produce an erection, it is only when this repeatedly occurs that help should be sought.

The Causes
There are so many factors which can contribute to the inability to achieve an erection, there can be physical or psychological factors or even both and it is better to have a full understanding of what is happening.

First Step
Check to see if there is some physical cause which may be causing this problem. If you wake up each day with a morning erection then it would be very unlikely that the cause is physical. So if you are working from a mechanical point of view then consider some common illnesses such as diabetes, elevated blood pressure, rapidly declining hormone levels or injury. Alcohol also plays a part as does some side effects from certain medications. A Testosterone test for a man and a hormone profile test for a woman would be a good idea and your GP should be able to arrange these.

Don’t overthink it
If you are stressing and worrying about your last failure to achieve or maintain an erection, it will plant a seed in your head which will mar the next attempt. When you are having or trying to have sex, you ought not to be thinking about any worries or much of anything except enjoying the closeness of you and your partner and the simple pleasure of sexual union.

This is where the art of Hypnosis steps in. Using tried and tested methods, we know that hypnosis works for sexual dysfunction, it helps take away the worry or fear of being unable to perform and allows your mind to rest and relax and your body to do what it was designed to do. Enjoy sex!

You could try self- hypnosis, there are a variety of self- hypnosis recordings available, some of which you can order from me, others you will find with a simple google search.

Erotic Hypnotherapy
Erotic Hypnotherapy works very well for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, fear of sex, frigidity etc and using an erotic hypnotherapy recording can really help you. You listen in the comfort of your own home with headphones and whilst in a quiet place where you can relax. The recordings which I make,are carefully scripted to each individual so whatever sexual problem you are having, I can weave the right words to try to fix the problem.

There is nothing sordid, or weird about sexual hypnosis, it is a tried and tested method which has helped thousands of people re discover a rich and enjoyable sex life with their partners.
If you have a specific sexual dysfunction problem and wish to purchase a recording tailored to you and your problems, then please contact me for further information.