Couples Tantra & Relationship Retreat

A couples four day workshop which will change your life.
This is a very special workshop with only one couple attending at any one time.
The four day workshop takes place at my home where you will stay, and my health studio a short drive away.
The aim of this truly special getaway is to reconnect on a level you never thought possible and to truly awaken to each both emotionally and sexually.
You will discover things about yourself that you never perhaps realised, you will discover ways to love each other which will transcend all other relationships that have gone before but more importantly, you will begin a journey which will last you for the rest of your lives together.
It is the biggest investment in your relationship you will make, it is a beautiful and breathtaking awakening of sacred love.
Due to the limited amount of workshops I can undertake, there may be a waiting list for you to attend but I will endeavour to ensure that you can attend.

The cost of this couples four day workshop is £2500 per couple which includes your accommodation and meals whilst here
Physical and spiritual ecstasy, this is the aim of Tantra and this very special Tantra workshop is for couples who really want more from their relationships.
For most of us, we grow up with the idea that sex is a taboo subject which our parents never talk about and we whispered about it at school. Nobody ever actually talked about what is and what it can be and with the internet abound with pornography, people are often left feeling that their sex lives and the emotional connection they have with those they love could be better and so much more.
Right now there are thousands of couples who aren’t particularly inspired by the sex life they are having, they have probably got into a routine and don’t really put much thought into this basic act of love and sensuality which we as humans share with each other.
Tantra allows you to connect with your partner with both your heart and your body and it strengthens the bond you have together and allows you to feel things you might never have felt.
Women in particular, the world over are thinking about how good it would be to feel loved and desired by their partner in a way which makes them feel really connected and it this that happens when you embark on Tantra. Tantra can fuse spirituality and sex into a heady mixture which with practice can bring physical and emotional ecstasy, it will liberate you, it will enlighten you.
The sacred Tantra brings you closer together in such a beautiful way and it can turn a stagnant, lifeless relationship into a thing of beauty.
You have to work at it, you have to embrace the act of Tantra, you are allowed to laugh, to cry, to express yourself, it is fine to feel embarrassed but eventually, you will feel the connection that you so richly desire and deserve. Its like a gift from the heavens and it will change the way you see you relationship for ever and in every positive way you had hoped.
Essentially, this is an investment in your relationship, in your future, in your happiness and after the workshop, I will remain your mentor for as long as you need, from the end of a phone, or over a skype call, any questions you have, any guidance you need in the future, its all part of the course.
Space is limited and books up very quickly so there is often a waiting list, but if you desire to strengthen your relationship and you are in need, I will endeavor to accommodate you.
If you have questions or have decided you would like to come, then please do contact me.